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There are two ways to apply to the Master year 2 (M2) of the Interdisciplinary Master in Life Sciences (IMaLiS) :

-  Early Admission to IMaLiS (opening on March 4, 2019, deadline April 15, 2019) is possible for students eligible to the Q-Life/IMaLiS scholarship program. This program offers competitive stipends and is designed to specifically support both French students with a degree in a scientific discipline other than Life Sciences (6,000 €/year) and international students (10,000 €/year). For additional information as well as access to the online application form, please see the Q-Life/IMaLiS scholarship program.

- Regular Admission to IMaLiS will open on March 4, 2019 (deadline May 27, 2019), and applications are filled out using the PSL application platform. Candidates preselected by the admissions committee will receive an e-mail in the beginning of June inviting them to an in-person or online interview at the École normale supérieure to be scheduled between 17th and 21st of June. Funds are available to help cover travel expenses for selection interviews, but if students live far from Paris then online interviews are preferred.
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