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Genetic basis of phenotypic variation

Biology Master, ENS

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Coordination : Marie-Anne Félix, Biology Department, ENS
Hours :30 h
Credits : 3 ECTS
Semester : 1st semester
Number of students : 10-24
Prerequisite : basic courses in quantitative and population genetics (for example "Genomes & Phenotypes" and "Evolutionary Genetics" in the ENS M1 curriculum, or the equivalent elsewhere)

Aims : This course will cover current questions and approaches in the genetic and genomic analysis of phenotypic variation in evolution.
The intended participants are students engaged in an evolution and ecology curriculum as well as students specializing in laboratory biology (genetics/genomics, developmental biology, cell systems biology).

Themes : Quantitative genetics and genomics, QTL analysis, environment, epistasis. Model and non-model organisms.

Organization : The course will run for one week, with lectures in the morning and tutorials/discussions in the afternoon.

Teaching team :
Marie-Anne Félix (ENS, Paris)
Christian Braendle (CNRS/IBDC Nice)
Vincent Debat (MNHN)
Frédéric Hospital (INRA Jouy)
Mathieu Joron (CNRS/MNHN)
Olivier Loudet (INRA Versailles)
Marie Manceau (Collège de France)
Gaël Yvert (ENS Lyon)