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Dynamical modelling of cellular regulatory networks

Biology Master, ENS

Word - 38.5 ko
M2 E03 DynModCellNets_2017

Year : M2
Semester : S1
ECTS : 3
Coordination : Vincent Hakim & Denis Thieffry
Autres enseignants : Gregory BATT, Hidde DE JONG, Aleksandra WALCSAK
Type d’enseignement : cours /TD
Volume horaire : 30h

Aim : Mastering of concepts, methods and software tools for the modeling of cellular regulatory networks (signaling pathways, gene networks).

Themes :
- Logical modeling of cellular networks
- ODE-base modeling of gene circuits
- Piecewise linear models of gene networks
- Stochastic effects on gene expression and single cell simulations
- Dynamical modeling and control methods for synthetic biology

Organization : The teaching unit is organized over one week, with classes during the mornings, computer tutorials during the afternoons. The evaluation is based on written reports and on an oral presentation.