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Cellular ecosystems : from modeling to medecine

Biology Master, ENS

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M2 E05 ecosystemes cellulaires2017

Year : M2
Semester : S1
ECTS : 3
Coordination : Frédéric Devaux, Professor, UPMC & Andrei Zinovyev, Curie Institute
Type d’enseignement : cours /TD
Volume horaire : 30h

Aims : This course will present the applications of systems biology to topics related to human health. Several internationally renowned researchers will present their works aiming at providing integrative and/or quantitative views of complex human diseases, including cancer, obesity, immunity, etc…

Themes :
Transcriptomics of obesity
Modelling of immune system differentiation and functioning
Metagenomics of nutrition
Microfluidic devices for cancer research
Systemic approaches of oncogenesis
Tumor classifiers and cancer diagnosis
Genome-wide association studies and deep sequencing

Organization : The course is one week long with 8-10 conferences which take place at the ENS Paris.

Teaching team :
Frédéric Devaux (UPMC)
Andrei Zinovyev (Curie Institute)
Christophe Carles (CEA, Saclay)
Adrien Six (UPMC)
Karine Clement (UPMC)
François Radvanyi (Curie Institute)
J-P. Vert (Les Mines, Paristech)
Jean-Louis Viovy (Curie Institute)
Joseph Schacherer (Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg)