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Optical Microscopy : principles and applications in Neurosciences

(ex : From single molecule to the dynamics of cell ultrastructures)

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Coordination :
Stéphane Dieudonné, Biology Department, ENS
Laurent Bourdieu, Biology Department, ENS
Olivier Collin, Biology Department, ENS
Andréa Dumoulin, Biology Department, ENS

Format :
Hours : 60h (30h course, 30h practicals)
Credits : 6 ECTS
Semester : 1st semester
Number of students : maximal number of 12 students attending the whole module (two weeks ; limitation due to the practical workshops). The first week (theoretical courses) can be attended and validated independently from the second week (for 3 ects only).

Presentation :
Aims :

Aims :
Through theoretical courses and hands-on sessions, the aim of this course is to teach the neuroscience student basic and advanced techniques in neuronal imaging and their application to the study of neuroscience.

Themes :
• Basics of optical microscopy • Tools for imaging neuronal activity • Two-photon confocal microscopy
• Super resolution optical microscopy

• Optogenetics
• Single molecule visualization
• Light sheet microscopy • Image analysis
Organization :
The course is organized over two weeks.
The first week is dedicated to lectures covering the principles of optical microscopy, and a range of classical and advanced techniques in microscopy and their applications in neurosciences.
The second week is dedicated to the hands-on workshops. It starts with a full-day session desassembling and assembling an upright microscope, before moving to sessions in small groups carried in research labs and directly related to the lectures of the first week (super-resolution, PALM-STORM, SPT, light-sheet imaging).

Assessment will be made on the basis of a critical analysis of a paper.

Teaching team :
Laurent Bourdieu (ENS, Paris)
Stephane Dieudonné (ENS, Paris) Jean-François Léger (ENS, Paris) Isabelle Ferezou (UNIC) Cathie Ventalon ENS, Paris) Olivier Collin (ENS, Paris) Gaël Moneron (Institut Pasteur) Alain Chédotal (Institut de la Vision) Walter Akemann (ENS, Paris) Volker Bormuth (UPMC) Arnaud Gautier (ENS PAris) Guillaume Dugué (ENS Paris) Mathieu Coppey (Institut Curie) ...