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External students

The ENS Biology Department has a long tradition of openness, and students from other institutions are welcome to take our courses, up to 12 ECTS.

Here’s how to proceed if you’re interested:

- The course organiser is free to accept or refuse students. You should contact the organiser and ascertain that you fulfill the prerequisites to take the course. The organiser has to accept your application by e-mail (which you should keep for futher reference).
- Some courses have a limited attendance. Students from the Biology Department have priority when registering for such courses.
- We can’t give external students access to the IT services of the department. Courses that rely on the use of the computer rooms are not accessible to external students.
- Once you have chosen your course(s) and you have the organiser’s agreement, you have to register online at least two weeks before the chosen course begins.
- Beware: you can only register once. If you wish to take several courses (up to 12 ECTS), you must wait for all the agreements before registering.
If you already followed a course previously at the Biology department, please us by email
- You will receive a transcript with your grades at the end of the semester.
- By registering, you are committing to attending the course and taking the exam. Failure to do so without proper justification will be notified to your University, and you will be barred from taking courses at the Biology Department in the future.
- If needed, the course organiser will provide you the Moodle identifiers at the beginning of the course.

In case of remote teaching, it will take place on the Department Moodle platform.
Moodle identifiers will be provided by the course organiser

In case of problem, please contact us