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Master 2 IMaLiS

IMaLiS curricula of the PSL Master in Life Sciences

PNG - 5 Mo

M2 coordinator : Marie Gendrel
Administration : secfib M2

In the second year of the Master’s degree, students specialize by choosing one of four curricula :

The first semester is mainly devoted to courses in one of the aforementioned specializations. Cross-sampling between disciplinary curricula is still possible provided faculty are in agreement.
The second semester is spent completing a 5-month internship with an academic or industry research group, allowing students to further specialize in a specific field.

Who should apply ?

The Master 2 year is open to students with a Master 1 or a four-year Bachelor degree in Science (Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Science and Technology, Earth and Life Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Math, etc.) or Engineering and including some research experience, and to students from French engineering schools who have received basic education in life Sciences.
This program is also suitable for students who have completed the first three years of medical/pharmaceutical studies, have acquired a Master 1 degree equivalence and would like additional training in science at a stage where they have not yet chosen their area of specialization.

Competitive Q-Life/IMaLiS scholarships are available for :
- international students (10,000 €/year)
- students holding a French Master year 2 degree or equivalent (i.e. engineering school diploma) in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry or Geosciences who have demonstrated interest in Life Sciences (6,000 €/year).

Competitive Memolife/IMaLiS scholarships are available for :
- students holding a foreign bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences, or in another discipline, but with a demonstrated background in Life Sciences, are eligible to IMaLiS and to Memolife scholarship program (7,000 €/year). Acceptance is contingent upon successful completion of prior degree.