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The Biology Department provides high-level training with a wide coverage of Life Sciences, extending from the last year of the bachelor degree (third year, L3) to the Master level. It offers the opportunity to combine deep training in Life Sciences with optional courses in several disciplines (mathematics, computer sciences, physics, chemistry, geoscience, cognitive sciences,…). Training also includes an early initiation to research, through regular contacts with scientists from our internationally recognized Department, as well as through internships in excellent laboratories in France or abroad.
All courses are in English from the Master 1 level. The emphasis is put on individually tutored, personal work, with the objective of developing autonomy, open-mindedness, critical mind and curiosity.

Admission to the Biology Department

Depending on their training, students can join our Master (Interdisciplinary Master in Life Sciences, IMaLiS) at Master 1 or Master 2 levels or enter the Department at PhD level (see figure). In addition, those with a bachelor degree can join the Dual Master in Brain and Mind Sciences.

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