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Qlife Winter School : Quantitative ecological genomics in the Tara Oceans

Qlife Quantitative Biology Winter School, Master in Life Science, ENS
Year : 2 (M2)
Semester  : 2 (S2)
Volume horaire/Durée : one week (March 29 - April 2, 2021)


Patrick Charnay, ENS Biologie


50 h




Digital workshop ; Tara expeditions ; metagenomics ; quantitative ecology ; plankton ; oceanic environment ; evolutionary biology ; biogeochemistry ; climate change

Prerequisites for the course

Some coding ability in R or Python. Attendance is competitive and open to M2 students, PhD students and postdocs. Some knowledge or experience in the field is therefore recommended.

Course objectives and description

The workshop will cover a range of quantitative studies in ecology made possible by the extensive Tara Oceans datasets, which comprise DNA sequence and organism imaging resources from all domains of plankton life including viruses, as well as rich metadata to explore their environmental context. Participants will learn to use these unprecedented resources for exploring contributions of plankton to ecological, evolutionary and biogeochemical processes, aiming to provide the predictive power needed to track the impact of climate change on life in the oceans.


After the course, the student writes a report on one of the workshops, which will be assessed by the coordinator of the workshop.

Course material

The course will include introductory lectures, a series of hands-on digital workshops run by experts, and inspirational seminars from prestigious scientists.