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ABCD Advanced Biology Course in Development and Cell biology


PSL Master in Life Sciences - ENS
BIO-PG-ABCD-S1 | ABCD Advanced Biology Course in Development and Cell biology
Year : 1 (M1) / 2 (M2) and PhD
Semester : 1 (S1)
Duration : Every Wednesdays 5:00-7:00 pm, from September 22nd to December 1st, 2021
Hours : 22h approx.
Venue : ENS Biology Department, 46 rue d’Ulm (or by visio conference in case of sanitary emergency)
Maximum class size : In the limit of room availability / social distancing


Anahi Molla Herman (CIRB Collège de France)
Terence Strick (ENS)
Adeline Cortot-Deschamps (ENS)




Developmental Biology |Cell Biology | Multi-disciplinarity

Course Prerequisites

Be in M1, M2 or PHD (highly motivated lab engineers can assist)

Course objectives and description

ABCD, (Advanced Biology Course in Development 2021 Edition) is a new course for Masters and PhD students from PSL-affiliated labs and research centers (ENS, Collège de France, Institut Curie, EPHE, ESPCI, IBPC, Mines Paris Tech, Institut Pasteur…).
This course will allow Parisian scientists to attend to high quality talks without travelling (environmentally friendly) and to foster interactions and collaborations between different teams.

Aims : The main purpose of this course is to create a high-level yet welcoming place to learn, understand, discuss, step back, innovate and share multidisciplinary scientific breakthroughs in developmental biology and cell biology with exceptional scientists.

Themes : This year we will specially focus on nucleus biology by studying different aspects such as the nucleome in evolution, regulatory landscapes and the architecture of developmental genes, nuclear proprioception and tissue dynamics, the crosstalk between the nucleus and the cytoplasm, genome integrity, gene silencing and epigenetics during development, nuclear strategies and subcompartments in evolution, post-translational modifications in stemness and disease, and finally, life strategies without a nucleus by comparing eukaryotes to prokaryotes.

Organization : There will be two speakers per session. They will give an introduction for non-specialists followed by a conference-level presentation. The talk will be followed by a discussion session including a brief student article presentation.


The full course corresponds to 3 ECTS, and oral presentations will be evaluated. ECTS may also be applied to the new PSL Graduate Program’s Minors.
For PhD students the course will count towards the training hours required for fulfillment of Doctoral Program (ED) requirements.
We strongly advise students to assist to the whole course since seminars will cover biological questions ranging from those raised by single-cell studies as well as the holistic organism. Therefore, interesting links and analogies will appear over time, permitting acquisition of a wide vision nurtured by fascinating discussions.

Students will present scientific articles and posters. Participation and Discussion will be evaluated as a plus.

Course material

• Livre Molecular Biology of the Cell, by Bruce Alberts.
• Livre Developmental Biology, by Scott Gilbert.

Suggested readings

Students can read a “review” from the speakers before the course, this will help them to better understand the course and better participate in the discussion.
Articles will be sent some weeks before the beginning of the course.

For more information about ABCD 2021 programme