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Modélisation mathématique des systèmes biologiques

Code du cours  : BIO L3 201 S2

Intitulé  : Modélisation mathématique des systèmes biologiques
Planning 2021-2022 : à venir
Emploi du temps 2020-2021 :

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Responsable  : François Blanquart (Collège de France)
Type d’enseignement : CM et TD

ECTS  : 6
Mots clés :
Prérequis pour le cours  : BCPST / L2 biologie

Objectif et description du cours :

The module introduces mathematical modelling of biological systems dynamics. It covers a number of basic approaches to describe deterministic and stochastic behaviour in biological populations, augmented by more advanced notions of dynamical systems theory.
The course revolves around the analysis and discussion of a range of models, spanning from classic equations for population dynamics to recent publications. It includes hands-on work during the lectures, practicals on computer simulations of simple models, and critical reading of modelling literature.
Students are expected to learn how to interpret models they might encounter in interdisciplinary biological publications, to recognize what mathematical tools they need to analyze them, and what are the underlying assumptions.
A prerequisite to the course is a basic knowledge of linear algebra and ordinary differential equations, as provided for instance by the module ’Mathématiques I’.

Évaluation  : Written examination based on the analysis of articles
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Lectures suggérées  :

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