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S06 - Evolutionary ecology

Download 2020-2021 planning :

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Eco Evo 2020 planning

Biology Master, ENS
Year : 1 (M1)
Semester : 1 (S1)

Course code :


Course name :

Evolutionary ecology

Coordinator :

Jean-François LE GALLIARD



Keywords :

Eco-evolutionary feedbacks, life history theory, behaviour, communication, ecological interactions, population regulation, population structure, sociality, learning, plasticity, adaptation, kin selection, sexual selection, fitness

Prerequisites for the course :

elementary ecology, resource competition, logistic equation, Lotka-Volterra predator-prey and competition models, functional response,

Course objectives and description :

This course treats the evolution of behavioural, demographic and ecological traits, at the intra-specific and pairwise inter-specific levels, with an emphasis on feedbacks between ecological and evolutionary processes. With complementary empirical and theoretical approaches, we will study the effect of different types of natural selection (including kin selection and sexual selection) on the evolution of resource exploitation strategies, social behaviour (dispersal, cooperation, partner choice) and on the evolution of their plasticity. The roles of genetic determinism and of learning on the ontogenesis and evolution of animal behaviour will be discussed.

Assessment / evaluation :

written exam

Course material (hand-outs, online presentation available, …) :

hand-outs, online presentations available

Suggested readings in relationship with the module content (textbook chapters, reviews, articles) :

Discovering Evolutionary Ecology : Bringing Together Ecology and Evolution (Oxford Biology). Peter J. Paperback : 234 pages : Oxford University Press (2006) ISBN-10 : 0198525281, ASIN : B005IUTBT8.