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Master 1 IMaLiS

IMaLiS curricula of the PSL Master in Life Sciences

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M1 coordinator : Renaud de Rosa
Administration : secfib M1

The first year of the Master’s degree (M1) includes a significant portion of credit hours (ECTS) devoted to the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in life sciences, along with a choice of more specialized courses. It offers a wide range of theoretical and practical courses in areas of research excellence of the ENS and its partners :
- neurosciences,
- cellular and developmental biology,
- medical sciences,
- systems biology,
- computational biology and bioinformatics,
- genetics,
- genomics,
- evolution and ecology.

During the first semester, students are free to select a variety of courses to obtain at least 30 ECTS (see organisation). Specific combinations of coursework can be suggested by faculty, for instance to best prepare for the Master 2 curricula, or to best further the student’s individual objectives. The curriculum can also include courses in physics, mathematics and other fields, to build transdisciplinary training profiles. Furthermore, it provides training in career skills (foreign languages, scientific communication, statistics, grant-writing, ethics, etc.).

By the end of the first semester, students will have acquired a solid background and will be well prepared for their research internship (usually 5 months) that can be performed in France or abroad (see organisation).

Who should apply ?

The Master 1 year is open to students with a Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Science and Technology, Earth and Life Sciences, etc.) and to students from French engineering schools with basic education in Life Sciences.
Given its cross-disciplinary nature, this program is also suitable for students who have completed the first three years of medical/pharmaceutical studies and who seek additional training in science (see also our Medicine/Science track for second year medicine/pharmacy students) at a stage where they have not yet chosen their area of specialisation.

Different types of competitive scholarships are available that can cover either the 1st year alone (M1) or the two-year master (M1+M2).