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For completion of semester 1, five lecture courses of 6 ECTS are to be chosen in the list below. Additional courses and courses providing fewer ECTS may be taken on top of the required five.

- Mathematics and programming training (E01, no ECTS)
- Experimental Evolution (E17, 3 ECTS)
- Developmental biology (S01)
- Cell biology II : traffic, motility, biophysics - cours Pasteur/Curie/ENS (S02)
- Computational biology project (S03, 3/6 ECTS)
- Genomes & phenotypes (S04)
- Evolutionary genetics (S05)
- Evolutionary ecology (S06)
- Biology of Ecological Systems (S07)
- Development of the nervous system (S08)
- Physiology of the neuron (S09)
- Synaptic foundations of network function (S10)
- Systems neurophysiology (S11)
- Molecular cancer genetics - cours Pasteur/Curie/ENS (S14)
- Fundamental immunology - cours Pasteur/ENS (S15)
- Microbial populations (T102)
- Evolution (T103)
- Physics & biology II (T104)
- Mathematics II : what a biologist might like to know (T105)
- Epigenetics (T108)
- Data analysis (T109, 3 ECTS)

Our degree focuses on areas of local research excellence. Courses are organised by major fields, but students can also combine them in a more personal fashion that suits their scientific interests.
In any case, the selection of courses needs to be agreed by the tutor or a teaching staff member at the beginning of the year.
In addition to the previous list, the Department of Biology offers the following courses :

- Methodology Tutorials in M1+M2 (D09)
- Insights in Life Sciences by SPIBens (T107)

During the second semester (S2), students enroll in a 4 to 5-month research internship.
Alternatively, they can enroll in a 3-month internship (in France only), to be completed with courses amounting to six ECTS.
To validate their internship, students submit a written report and defend their results in front of a jury.

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