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For the first semester, students select coherent courses according to four majors :

Students can combine courses from ENS with courses from other partner institutions for a total of 30 ECTS for the first semester.
At least 18 ECTS have to be taken among PSL courses.

Partner institutions :
Collège de France
Institut Curie
Institut Pasteur
Mines ParisTech
Sorbonne Université

M2 Imalis students can have access up to one Curie and/or one Pasteur selective courses, including those listed below :
- Curie - Computational Systems Biology of Cancer
- Curie - Developmental Biology : from Stem Cells to Morphogenesis
- Curie - Multiscale Integration in Biological Systems
- Pasteur/Curie - Molecular Genetics & Epigenetics
- Pasteur - Molecular Biology of the Cell
- Curie - Non-Coding Genome
- Curie - Epigenetics

Students can also follow one of the following Collège de France courses for 3 ECTS :
- Chimie des processus biologiques Marc FONTECAVE
- Génétique et physiologie cellulaires Christine PETIT
- Processus morphogénétiques Alain PROCHIANTZ
- Microbiologie et maladies infectieuses Philippe SANSONETTI
- Epigénétique et mémoire cellulaire Edith HEARD
- Médecine expérimentale Alain FISCHER
- Oncologie cellulaire et moléculaire Hugues DE THE
- Dynamiques du vivant - Thomas LECUIT

The second semester is devoted to a long laboratory internship (30 ECTS).

Our students are further encouraged to take courses offered by other scientific departments of ENS (Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Cognitive Sciences), or by partner institutions.